Tam Tran Scholarship Fund for Undocumented Students

and DACA Recipients in Rhode Island

Be prepared to be inspired! Read about some of the Tam Tran Scholars:

Our Scholarship Program

The Tam Tran Scholarship Fund is a non-profit 501(c)(3) charitable organization. It was established in 2009 by a group of individuals from Rhode Island’s Latino community to support undocumented students seeking scholarship aid. We raise funds through our Annual Breakfast Celebration held every year in the Spring, and also through private donations.

The Tam Tran Scholarship Fund offers financial assistance to undocumented students in Rhode Island seeking to continue on their academic path. This scholarship is a response to the lack of financial assistance provided to students, who do not have the legal documentation, that attend college in the United States.

You must have completed high school
in Rhode Island to be eligible for the Tam Tran Scholarship. Students in the Promise Program at CCRI are eligible for a book scholarship.
NOTICE: The next deadline for the Tam Tran Scholarship is Friday, February 24, 2024. Please read our guidelines carefully.
Four scholarships or grants ranging from $500-$1000 will be awarded to Rhode Island students every year and disbursed the following academic year. Students must fill out an application form and return it by the deadline. Because of the competitive nature of our scholarship program, we will make not accept late applications — absolutely no exceptions for LATE APPLICATIONS!

Resources in Rhode Island for Undocumented Students

Members of CASO are affiliated with and manage the Tam Tran Scholarship. CASO provides valuable information for undocumented students who are Rhode Island residents. Visit this website for more
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Visit CASO